Welcome to the Children’s of Alabama online newsroom. Since the founding of our hospital on Birmingham’s Southside in 1911, we’ve grown from a modest 11-bed infirmary housed in a local residence to a 332-bed facility that’s the third largest in the United States and the only medical facility in the state dedicated solely to caring for children. Families from every county in Alabama, 42 other states and 10 foreign countries made more than 650,000 visits to Children’s last year seeking care from our staff of nationally- and world-renowned experts for a wide variety of pediatric illnesses, injuries and disorders.

We value the coverage we receive from our colleagues in the media and welcome the opportunity to help you in your reporting of our programs, services and events as well as a wide variety of pediatric healthcare topics.

Please contact us to schedule an interview with one of our pediatric experts or to gather more information. A member of the Media Relations team is available around the clock every day of the year by calling 205-638-9100 and asking to page the Media Relations Representative on call.