Additional Child-Friendly & Family-Centered Services

When a child is sick or hurt, the entire family is affected.  To help our patient families find their way through the difficult and often confusing days of a child’s hospitalization, we offer a number of ancillary services that provide caring and comfort to moms and dads, sisters and brothers. Most of these services are offered free of charge.

  • Patient Health & Safety Information – A resource center that provides patient education through reference books, printed materials and interactive demonstrations.
  • Family Life Services – Playtime is important when you’re a child, even when you’re sick. Certified Child Life Specialists plan events, show movies in the Room of Magic, host special guests and strive to bring some fun and normalcy into their patients’ lives while also playing an important role in educating young patients about their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Children’s Center for Weight Management – A multidisciplinary team approach to weight management that incorporates nutritional training, exercise and psychological counseling.
  • Children’s Harbor – Many of the comforts of home are provided at this family services center, including a library, game room, TV room, computer lab, shower facilities, full-service kitchen and dining area, laundry facilities, beauty shop, fitness center, gym and sleep rooms.
  • Children’s Hospital Intervention and Prevention Services (CHIPS) Center – Provides counseling and other services for victims of child abuse and the non-abusive parent.
  • The Amelia Center – Grief counseling for children who have lost a parent or sibling, and parents who have lost a child to illness or injury.
  • Southeast Child Safety Institute – Community and patient education on injury prevention is provided through the SECSI’s outreach programs including car seat installations, teen driving events, school programs and special community safety events.
  • Regional Poison Control Center – In Alabama’s only poison center, specially-trained and certified operators answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week year-round about accidental ingestions and other chemical exposures in children, adults and pets.
  • Sunshine School – State-certified teachers work with classroom teachers to keep school-age patients up-to-date with their studies.
  • Charity League Hearing and Speech Center – Provides diagnostic and rehabilitative speech, language and audiology services for children with communication or hearing disorders.
  • Inpatient and outpatient physical therapy – Evaluates and treats movement disorders that affect a child’s ability to walk, run and play or cause difficulties with motor and functional skills.
  • Specialized camps – Address particular health concerns while providing children with a typical summer camp experience, including Camp Conquest for burn patients, Camp SHINE for weight management patients and Camp Bridges for children with kidney disease.